CHEM BC3271  Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM BC3272  Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM BC2012  General Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM BC3328  Introductory Organic Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM BC3901  Senior Thesis Seminar
FYSB BC1474   Think Like a Scientist: From Plato to Hawking

Useful resources for students

Not Voodoo – Synthetic chemistry laboratory tips and techniques

Spectral Database for Organic Compounds – Fairly comprehensive set of data for NMR and IR spectra

UW Madison Organic Division Information – Great database for all things orgo

Cambridge Crystallograpic Database (CCDC) – Search for X-ray crystal structures

Challenging Problems in Organic Chemistry – The Evans Database, with almost a thousand problems!

Myers Group Handouts (Harvard) – Detailed and accurate synthetic chemistry resources