CHEM BC3271 Inorganic Chemistry

Structure, bonding and spectroscopy in inorganic compounds: applications of group theory to chemistry; ligand field theory; vibrational and electronic spectroscopy of transition metal complexes; selected topics from coordination chemistry, organometallics, bioinorganic chemistry, solid state and materials chemistry, mineralogy, and biogeochemistry.

CHEM BC3901 Senior Thesis Seminar

Weekly seminar to accompany Senior Honors Thesis Lab (CHEM BC3903). Focus is on scientific presentation and writing skills and research conduct.


Useful resources for students

Not Voodoo – Synthetic chemistry laboratory tips and techniques

Spectral Database for Organic Compounds – Fairly comprehensive set of data for NMR and IR spectra

UW Madison Organic Division Information – Great database for all things orgo

Cambridge Crystallograpic Database (CCDC) – Search for X-ray crystal structures

Challenging Problems in Organic Chemistry – The Evans Database, with almost a thousand problems!

Myers Group Handouts (Harvard) – Detailed and accurate synthetic chemistry resources